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ISSN 2621-5799

Published: 11 October 2019

Effectiveness of Rewordify in a Receptive Skill: Implication in Reading Comprehension in EFL A2 Ecuadorian Learners in Tertiary Education Level

Silvia Morales, Julio Mora, Marta Alvarez

Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo, Ecuador

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Pages: 684-693

Keywords: Reading Comprehension, Rewordify App, A2 Learners Ecuadorian Learners


Reading comprehension is necessary to ensure success in different areas; it is the main reason to identify instruments which allow learners to develop this skill. The current study was performed with adult EFL Ecuadorian learners from a university in Babahoyo, where they performed three types of reading comprehension exercises using rewordify and dictionaries as an instrument to improve comprehension. The results demonstrated that both appear to promote comprehension, but some results showed that rewordify tends to be a further success in a specific type of reading activity.


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