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ISSN 2621-5799

Published: 11 October 2019

Investigation and Research on the Living Status and Professional Development of Biology Teachers in Southern Henan and Their Development Strategies

Bo Peng, Xiao-Jie Xu, Nong-Yi Zheng, Feng Peng, Xue-Zhong Sun, Xia-Yu Tian, Lu-Lu He, Xiao-Rui Ma, Yan-Fang Sun, Rui-Hua Pang, Jin-Tiao Li, Quan-Xiu Wang, Wei Zhou, Hong-Yu Yuan

Xinyang Normal University, China

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Pages: 704-714

Keywords: Southern Henan, Biology, Special Post Teachers, Living Status, Development Strategies


In order to effectively investigate the current situation of biology teachers in Southern Henan, this study used the method of interviews and questionnaires to investigate and analyze the current situation of biology teachers in Southern Henan from their living status and professional development. The survey results show that: (1) The overall satisfaction of biology special post teachers in southern Henan is general, the office conditions can meet the teaching needs, the salary and housing conditions need to be improved, and the spare-time and family life needs of biology special post teachers attract attention; (2) Professional development is generally satisfactory. Specialized biology teachers in Southern Henan are willing to participate in educational and teaching reform, but their participation in teaching and research activities needs to be further strengthened. Specialized biology teachers have a large workload and high labor intensity. In view of the above findings, this paper puts forward some countermeasures for the development of biology special post teachers in Southern Henan, with a view to providing theoretical reference for the follow-up research on biology special post teachers, as well as providing important information for improving the living status of specialty post teachers, promoting professional development and improving the quality of education and teaching.


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