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ISSN 2621-5799

Published: 14 November 2019

Man From Bidel's Perspective

M. Qasem Aria

Badakhshan University President

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Pages: 744-756

Keywords: Human Being, Spirit of Human, Self-Knowledge, Self-Alienation and Contemporary Human


Human being and its originality have been in philosophers, mystics and scholars thought in periods of history; anthropology is the main point in human studies. Bedil Dehlawi is one of the famous mystics and thinker, has pointed precious words about human in his poetry which is considerable and analytical. As most of illustration about this phenomenon relates to the definition human provides for himself, and this issue sometimes helps thinkers and poets to describe the position of human in highest level which the other phenomenon and creatures can’t reach, this specialty is because of the intellect and wisdom that human have, by this human can get the ability of solve the problems of his way, and achieve the highest point. The discoveries and invents of the extraordinary persons in contemporary world are the proof of this claim, Bedil has introduced human being as improvable, responsible and controllable over wishes, according to him human has the best attribution and different from other creatures, with such specialty human can omit the difficulty of his way and reach to the position that the other creatures cannot receive it. In this article, there is used the descriptive and analytical methods and library type research with reference to the sources.


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