Education Quarterly Reviews

ISSN 2621-5799

Published: 08 May 2020

Review of E-Learning as a Platform for Distance Learning in Sri Lanka

L. K. Pulasthi Dhananjaya Gunawardhana

University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka

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Pages: 141-145

Keywords: E-Learning, Distance Learning, Behavioural Learning Theory, Constructivist Learning Theory


E-learning is the best platform for distance learning as it is a cost-efficient technology. Distance learning through an E-Learning platform offers enormous opportunity for Sri Lanka, because it can open doors to everybody without hassle. Distance learning with E-Learning focuses on delivering education to students without a traditional classroom. Educational institutes in Sri Lanka may use distance learning with students who are unable to follow regular courses. E-Learning runs with web technologies which make interactions for both teachers and students easy. It also makes it easy to exchange relevant educational tools and interactive exercises.


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