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Published: 26 May 2020

COVID-19 vs Bangladesh: Is it Possible to Recover the Impending Economic Distress Amid this Pandemic?

Raad Mozib Lalon

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Pages: 825-836

Keywords: Pandemic, COVID-19, Economic Shock, GDP, Supply Chain, Volatility


The whole globe is going under a devastating threat of economic depression amid impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Almost No country can deny the fact propelling to the economic ramification of this diseases suggesting a confirmed apropos plan to recuperate any unavoidable circumstance in forthcoming economic arena. Bangladesh with no exception is also capitulated under a significant threat of economic disparity navigating a colossal crisis during and after this epidemic. This paper attempts to reveal what those possible impacts are causing this economic crisis for Bangladesh and how government along with all other stakeholders will respond to sustain socio-economic developments achieved during the recent fiscal years in spite of being submerged by the depressing mode of major economic indicators such as inverse trade growth, vigorous revenue deficit, mounting non-performing loan, falling private sector investment, volatility of market interest rate, capital market unrest and imminent horrid of global economic recession.


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