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Published: 19 November 2019

China’s Engagement with Africa in Peace and Security

Vasiliki Papatheologou

China Foreign Affairs University, China

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Pages: 1258-1262

Keywords: China, Africa, Comprehensive, Partnership, Peace, Security


Τhe Belt and Road is expanding and the need to provide security to the Chinese infrastructure projects (railways and sea roads) and to protect the interests of Chinese companies is growing. China’s growing engagement with Africa is increasing the need for a more pro-active Chinese role in African security and for further support to Africa for achieving a balance between security and development. China has increased involvement in the UN peacekeeping in Africa, peace and security cooperation has become of the most important pillars of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Africa. The Belt and Road Initiative provides opportunities for strengthening China-Africa dialogue on peace and security which is an important driver for China-Africa relations.


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