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Published: 24 June 2018

Classification of Credit Security in Nigeria: Resolving the Perceived Dichotomy

Jacob Otu Enyia, Emmanuel Usang Okon

University of Calabar, Nigeria

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This article is focused on the classification of credit security in Nigeria with a view to resolving the perceived dichotomy in the categorization. Credit security generally is within the ambit of property law which is circumstanced in secured credit. The work also attempts to determine the legal basis of this classification and the inherent utilities. We summarize that classification of security should be maintained for the purpose of distinction and clarity in aid of the unwary and non-legal minds.


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Note however that even now in English law, allodial, absolute interest, etc. are extinct, as a holder of land does so in possession for the Crown. A situation similar to the Land uses Act’s leasehold interest, or estate that an individual enjoys.

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This equity of redemption is crucial in differentiating a sale from a mortgage. A right to redeem his tied down the title at any time. It goes side by side the mortgage from the time of creation. Thus goes the saying once a mortgage, always a mortgage until foreclosure. See Rhodes V. Dalby (1971) AER 1144.

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