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Published: 05 June 2020

Facing the Digital Revolution Era with Development of Real Asset Investment Products for Sharia Bank Customers

Diyah Hesti K., Saiful Anwar, Muhammad Said

Institute of Technology and Business Ahmad Dahlan, Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta State Islamic University

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Pages: 893-902

Keywords: Islamic Banking, Product Development of Banking, Real Asset Investment, Mudharabah


The existence of financial application technology at this time can facilitate consumers of financial service users to find alternative investments and financing beside the capital market and banking for investment in real assets and financial assets. They began to use investment and financing from financial applications such as iGrow, Investree, Ammana, etc. The iGrow application makes it easy for investors who want to invest in the agricultural and livestock sectors. Or Investree application that makes it easy for investors to invest in financial assets without going through the capital market. This study aims to see the potential for developing banking products for customers who want to invest in real assets such as agriculture, livestock, trade and food services. The contract which is considered appropriate and similar to the investment practice of real assets is the mudharabah muqayyadah contract or a special investment. Conjoint analysis is used to determine which mudharabah muqayyadah products are desired by customers. The results of this research in general are: Investment sector in food services and trade. The type of return can be either fixed or variable. Term / period of 1 year. Payment of graduale or terms. The level of security is really secure.


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