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Published: 03 June 2019

Impacts of Founder on The Success of Crowdfunding in Vietnam

Do Hoai Linh

National Economics University, Vietnam

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Pages: 356-362

Keywords: Crowdfunding, Project information, Founder's social network, Founder's Funding Goal, Vietnam


Being one of FinTech's most innovative operating tools in the age of 4.0, crowdfunding is one of the ways that is used to raise money without financial intermediations. This method helps companies and individuals worldwide raise millions of dollars from members of the public with low capital-cost, however, factors impacted on the success or failure of new kind of funds mobilizing method still be a controversial topic. Accordingly, the author aims at clarifying the influence of founders on the success of crowdfunding in Vietnam by primary data collected from questionnaire survey with Logistic Regression Model and Multiple Linear Regression Model. Based on the results, recommendations were proposed for founders to develop the modern kind of financial tools.


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