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ISSN 2622-7258

Published: 26 July 2019

A Rare Etiology of Muscular Mass in Infant: A Case Report

Landolsi Maha, Daib Aida, Hella Youssef, Boughdir Malek, Ben Abdallah Rabiaa, Trabelsi Fatma, Ben Malek Riadh, Gharbi Youssef, Kaabar Najib

Habib Thameur Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia

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Pages: 275-278

Keywords: Hydatid Cyst, Muscular Mass, Infant


The frequent localization of children echinococcosis is the lungs and then the liver. The muscular involvement of hydatidosis is unusual even in endemic countries because implantations at this site require passage through the filters of the liver and lung. In addition, the intramuscular growth of cysts is hindered by the muscle's contractility and lactic acid content. We report a primary solitary intramuscular hydatid was presented to an 8-year-old boy. The diagnosis was made preoperatively with magnetic resonance imaging. Patients were treated with surgical excision and subtotal pericystectomy.


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