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ISSN 2622-7258

Published: 30 June 2019

Sexuality in Marriage: A Case Study of 1 Corintians 7:1-9

Fordson Vincent Chimoga

Rusangu University, Zambia

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Pages: 237-247

Keywords: Sexuality, Marriage


The Apostle Paul writes to the Corinthian congregation one of the churches he established about A.D 55. The Corinthian church had some challenges, one of which had to do with the morality of sexuality to both the unmarried and married. To the unmarried, whether men or women the counsel he gave them was not to have sexual contact with anyone since sexual intercourse is allowed only in a marriage setting. The unmarried should control their sexual passions, but if they cannot continue to control themselves, then it is better for them to get married. The married husbands and wives are allowed to have sexual intercourse with their spouses. They should, by all means, try to avail themselves to their partners sexually because are obligated to satisfy each other. If for some reason would like to refrain themselves from sex, it should be something agreed between the two of them for whatever reason are advancing, but it should be for a short time. It could be for day or so, and thereafter they resume having sex together because for not having sex would be an abnormal practice. Unfortunately, some married couples do not have free access sexually to their partners, and as a result, these unhealthy relationships lead to immoral practices. If married couples would take Paul's counsel seriously, they would prevent many immoral sexual practices happening in our society today. Sometimes, husbands and wives though do not feel interested to have sexual intercourse with their partners when they are not sick, they should oblige for their spouses' sake to have sexual intercourse with them so that there is no room to encourage their husbands or wives to consider having sex with other men or women who are not their married couples.


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