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Journal of Health and Medical Sciences

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Published: 27 September 2021

Prevalence of Gastroenteritis Among Children Under Five Years of Age at a District Hospital

Mohamed Osman Elamin, Hatim Rahmutalah, Hatim Abdullah Yousef Natto, Fowzi Omer Elamin,
Mohamed Hulayyil Alfahmi

Umm Al-Qura University (KSA), University of Bahri (Sudan), Ministry of Health (KSA)

journal of social and political sciences
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Pages: 93-102

Keywords: Gastroenteritis, Prevalence, Under Five


Introduction: Gastroenteritis is a devastating disease particularly in children less than five year of age globally. In 1825, for the first time the term gastroenteritis was used to describe this symptom. Study design: A hospital-based descriptive study conducted among children less than five years of age. Setting: District teaching Hospital. The study was conducted during one Month, from February to march, 2017. Objectives: To study Prevalence of Gastroenteritis disease among children under 5 years of age, identify the prevalence rate and other risk factors associated with the disease. Material & Methods: The sample of the population covered all children under 5 years admitted the hospital during the specified period. (n = 50 child).Data were collected using a scientifically constructed Questionnaire. Data was analyzed using the computer soft-ware program (SPSS). Results: The study revealed that gender distribution indicated that gastroenteritis was more prevalent in male children than in female children. Also the study revealed that gastroenteritis was higher among families who have lower income 150 SDG (66.0%) and there was relationship between the family income and gastroenteritis. Conclusion: The study concluded that gastroenteritis was more prevalent in male children than in female children. And also low socio economic status, and sanitation practices and low parental education leads to gastroenteritis (GE) among children less than five years of age admitted to Ibrahim Malik teaching hospital in Khartoum state. Recommendations: Study recommends that Ministry of Health should implement health education program and training for raising knowledge and awareness of gastroenteritis among mothers, the department of health should improve the quality of water to avoid water borne disease that leads to gastroenteritis.


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