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Published: 08 April 2019

Inter-Governmental Conflict Relation in The Nigerian Fourth Republic

Ike Omolara Fayomi-Awodele, Kazeem Oyedele Lamidi, Olaleke Micheal Alao

Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

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Pages: 253-259

Keywords: Conflict, Ethnicity, Fourth Republic, Inter-Government Relation


This paper seeks to examine the conflictual relationship between/among the apparatus of government during the fourth Nigerian republic. Data were gathered from secondary sources. It adopts the instrumentalists' view of federalism by interrogating the impact of ethnicity on the allocation of federal finance and establishing the argument on the constitutional basis for revenue distribution with careful examination of the ‘imperfect' federation bequeathed to Nigeria at Independence in 1960. This paper, therefore, underscores the conflict emanating from quarters of ethnicity and lopsided nation-state arrangement in Nigeria with the reference point to her fourth republic.


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