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Published: 12 August 2018

Myanmar on the One-Belt One-Road

Si Si Engyin

Shandong University, China

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“One-Belt One-Road” project is a global project which can maintain the existence of member countries, economic and social development and reduce the international security crisis under the condition of anarchy in the era of globalization. More accurately, it is China's global economic development strategy,and there will be more than 100 member states. Each member country has its own characteristics, and there are various important factors of OBOR. Among them, the national position is the most important one. Because of special geographical conditions, Myanmar has become one of the most important members of OBOR. China- Myanmar relations have been keeping close ties with each other “Pauk-Phaw” relations and have built a lot of cooperation projects. Nowadays, due to the One Belt One Road initiative, what kinds of benefits can get for Myanmar and alternatively what can get for the One Belt One Road are really intriguing questions.


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