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Analyzing the Characteristics of the 1968 Spring General Offensive and Uprising in the South Central Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Pham Van Thinh

Thu Dau Mot University, Vietnam

The spring Mau Than general offensive in the Central Southern Delta went through 3 attacks. In all three attacks, the army and people of the entire region attacked many important key locations in cities, towns, and townships, contributing to a significant loss of enemy forces, causing shocked situations for the controlled apparatus in most provinces, districts and communes, contributing to the overall victory of the entire region. The general offensive and uprising in the delta provinces of the Central Southern region has a number of unique characteristics that need to be studied to contribute to summarizing the theory and practice of the general offensive and uprising in the 1968 spring, that is the problem of force preparation and organization not ensuring a large scale general attack, combat plans are not consistent with local realities and lack of flexibility, and the work of launching and preparing the ideology for the masses is not good.



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