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Effect of Different Doses of Animal Manure on Growth and Yield of Common Bean

Mohammad Amin Sharifi, Abdullah Nowrozi, Mohammad Din Rostazada, Javid Ali

Bamyan University

This research (the effect of different doses of animal manure on growth and yield of common bean) carried out based on (RCBD) in Yakawlang district. This experiment conducted in three replications and eighteen treatments (each replication contains six treatments). Land preparation was first done, all extra materials removed from field and the field was furrowed by traditional tools. All other operation for preparing land to cultivate was done in a traditional manner. Descriptions of treatments are as follow: T1 (control) T2 (2 ton ha1) T3 (4 ton ha1) T4 (6 ton ha1) T5 (8 ton ha1) T6 (10 ton ha1). This study was conducted in Yakwlang district during 2023. For achieving of this research, agricultural lands was selected and prepared for common bean cultivation through using traditional tools, shovel, and other essential tools.



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