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Parents Home Learning Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Colaizzi Method

Wardah D. Guimba, Berthylyn Y. Navarez, Jumelee P. Pintac, Adelyn S. Nalla, Lotis B. Daguisonan, Cherrilyn N. Mojica

Mindanao State University, Philippines

Numerous Filipino families grapple with challenges due to home learning amid the pandemic. This study delved into parents' experiences and strategies regarding their children's secondary education at home. Utilizing Colaizzi’s descriptive design, data was gathered through interviews. Eight parents from Tambulig, Zamboanga del Sur, with children in secondary home learning and no household COVID-related health issues, participated. Results revealed that while prioritizing their children's education, parents faced daunting challenges, leading them to opt for home learning. Balancing educational needs, work, and household duties posed significant hurdles. Concerns arose regarding distractions in modular and online setups, such as noise and peer influence. Despite these obstacles, parents remained committed to supporting and fostering a conducive learning environment at home, adhering to government safety measures.



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