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Problems of Household Waste Management in Banyumas Regency, Central Java

Yuwono Prianto, Indri Elena Suni, Patricia Debby Julydya, Reza Nuriyah Fazrah

Universitas Tarumanagara, Indonesia

The increase in population, changes in consumption patterns, and lifestyle changes have led to an increase in the amount, type, and variety of waste characteristics. Therefore, a good and appropriate waste management system is needed but not only regarding technical matters but also needs consideration through various existing disciplines. Thus, this article contains two crucial issues concerning the problem of household waste management and the factors that influence the collective awareness of Banyumas community members through the sociological empirical research method which collects, processes, and analyzes secondary data from interviews with informants from various circles in a prescriptive evaluative nature. Finally, through the results of the research, it is concluded that the commitment of the government apparatus in Banyumas Regency must continue to be improved, so it is necessary for the Banyumas Regional Government's policy to include long-term and short-term programs.



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