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Reality Behind “One People, One Vote”:Redistricting Manipulation and Partisan Politics in the United States

Su Jiangli, Wang Ruijie

Shanxi University

Although political parties are not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, the two-party electoral system is well-established in American elections and gerrymandering naturally occurs to benefit the party that controls both a state’s legislative chambers and the governor’s office. Tracing the evolution of partisan gerrymandering and examining the gerrymandering practices, this research finds that redistricting manipulation enabled by two-party electoral system, is a tale as old as time and it has continued for over two hundred years, rising or falling depending on the intensity of partisan politics. In 21st century, political polarization and gerrymandering have been feeding off each other. When the redistricting process is manipulated by entrenched partisan gerrymanders, it has become counterproductive to fair representation, competitive election, and translating public will into policies. As long as the foxes are allowed to guard the hen houses, partisan politicians will continue to abuse “one person, one vote” principle and pick voters.



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