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Talent Management, Leadership, and Organizational Culture: How Quality of Service Influences Excellent Service at Indonesia's Bhayangkara Hospital

Sudaryono, Yudi Azis, Zulkifli

University of Pancasila, Indonesia

The purpose of this research is to examine and develop excellent service at Bhayangkara Hospital by improving talent management, leadership, and organizational culture through service quality. This study employed an associative quantitative approach using a sample of 358 employees from 11 Bhayangkara Type B hospitals drawn from a population of 3452 using the Slovin formula. The data was analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM) with the LISREL Version 10.20 application. The findings of this study reveal that key factors such as talent management, leadership, and organizational culture have a positive and significant effect on excellent service through partial quality of service. Based on this, we conclude that talent management, leadership, organizational culture, and service quality all have a positive effect on providing excellent medical services at Bhayangkara Hospital. Thus, we suggest practical implications such as investment in talent management, effective leadership, and positive organizational culture to improve the quality of service in hospitals.



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