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The Nexus of Economic and Sociodemographic with Smoking in Indonesia

Wilson Rajagukguk, Adolf B. Heatubun, Medyawanti Pane, Omas Bulan Samosir, Perak Samosir

Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia

Tobacco kills half of its users if they don't stop. Cigarettes kill more than 8 million people every year, including an estimated 1.3 million passive smokers who are exposed to active smokers. Smoking behavior is truly an action that has a negative impact on smokers themselves and their entire community. About one in seven deaths worldwide are caused by smoking. This research was conducted by analyzing the results of the National Socioeconomic Survey (Survei Sosial Ekonomi Nasional/SUSENAS). SUSENAS 2021 was carried out by the Statistics Indonesia (Central Statistics Agency/BPS) in March 2021. It covered all provinces in Indonesia. It was done to meet the need of social and economic development data at district, province, and national level, including data on sustainable development goals. The unit analysis of this study was population aged 15 years and above who smoke nicotine cigarettes. The unweighted number of the respondents in the study was 1888. The dependent variable was whether the smoke nicotine cigarette or not. The independent variables were gender, age, marital status, education, place of residence, island of dwelling, and working status. The in this study were analyzed using univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analyses to assess, respectively, the sample characteristics, percentage distribution of those who reported crimes by demographic and socioeconomic factors, and demographic and socioeconomic causes of crime reporting. A binary logistic regression was used to investigate demographic and socioeconomic factors of crime reporting. The probability of smoking was higher among those who were males, were aged 30-54 years, had no schooling/incomplete primary school and complete primary school, lived in urban areas, dwelled in Bali and Nusa Tenggara Island, and were not working



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