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Tracing Bhavna (Feeling/Emotion) and Vichar (Thought) in Indian and Western Poetics

Anupamratanshanker Nagar

Gurukul Mahila Arts & Commerce College, India

This research paper investigates the nuanced concepts of bhavna (feeling/emotion) and vichar (thought) in Indian and Western literature and poetics. Drawing upon classical Indian writings of Abhinavgupta, Bhartruhari, Mamata, Bharat Muni and canonical poems by William Wordsworth, Coleridge, John Keats, Matthew Arnold, and Robert Browning, the paper analyzes how these two cultural traditions approach the portrayal and integration of emotion and thought in artistic expression. By examining representative excerpts from these Western poets alongside examples from classical Indian texts, this study aims to elucidate the similarities, differences, and unique characteristics of bhavnaand vichar in shaping the aesthetic experience across cultural traditions.



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