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Asian Institute of Research, Journal Publication, Journal Academics, Education Journal, Asian Institute

Engineering and Technology Quarterly Reviews

ISSN 2622-9374

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open access

Published: 26 June 2024

Blockchain for Vehicle Registration, Transferring and Management Process in Sri Lanka

Chamod Malintha, Deshanjali Diyasena, Tiroshan Madushanka

University of Sri Jayewardenepura (Sri Lanka), Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), University of Kelaniya (Sri Lanka)

journal of social and political sciences
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Pages: 56-65

Keywords: Vehicle Registration, Smart Contract, Blockchain, Ethereum


In Sri Lanka, the widespread occurrence of fraudulent activities in vehicle registration processes presents notable challenges, especially regarding ownership disputes and discrepancies in vehicle history. This study first investigates the drawbacks of the existing manual registration system, which leads to delays in registration, ownership transfer, and modification processes, thus contributing to fraudulent activities in the secondary vehicle market. These challenges arise from centralized storage systems, which are vulnerable to single points of failure and data integrity compromise due to third-party involvement. To address these deficiencies, as a solution, this paper recommends the adoption of blockchain technology, utilizing its decentralized and distributed nature to ensure the security, reliability, and transparency of vehicle information management. Specifically, a blockchain-based system is proposed and developed on the Ethereum network, incorporating smart contracts to streamline key functions of the Sri Lankan government's vehicle registration process. These functions include new vehicle registration, reproducible certificate issuance, ownership transfers, modifications, and comprehensive vehicle history maintenance. The system provides public access to vehicle details, including historical data, via a user-friendly mobile application. Ultimately, this study contributes to establishing a secure and reliable method that simplifies the vehicle registration process, mitigating security breaches and data tampering risks.


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