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Published: 11 April 2023

The Effect of Rolling Temperature and Rolling Ratio on Hardness and TRS of 90 micrometer Grain Size on B4C 5 percent Reinforcement Copper Matrix Composite

Özkan Eski, Hasan AlSead Ibrahim Enbia

Kastamonu University, Turkey

journal of social and political sciences
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Pages: 9-20

Keywords: Metal Matrix Composites, Cu, B4C, Cold Pressing, Hot Rolling


This study investigates how adding boron carbide (B4C) 5%wt. with a grain size of 90µm, affected the mechanical and physical characteristics of cold-pressed copper boron carbide (Cu-B4C) compounds, including their fine structure, hardness, and density. Commercial Cu powders with a particle size of 40 µm were modified by adding 5% by weight of B4C, which has a particle size of 90µm. For 120 minutes, the Cu-B4C compounds were sintered in argon at 850°C. The values obtained before and after hot rolling were compared. Some samples were hot-rolled at rolling temperatures of 600°C, 700°C, 800°C with rolling pressures of (10%,20%,30%,40%). Sintered materials before and after hot rolling were examined, using SEM-EDS, to compare density, hardness, and bending resistance. It was discovered that B4C was evenly distributed throughout the Cu matrix in the SEM-EDS images that were obtained. As the B4C ratio increased, the density of the original materials reduced, and their porosity increased, the hardness of the composites also increased. With an increase in the rolling ratio and the rolling pressure ratios by (10%,20%,30%, 40%), the values of hardness and flexural strength of the rolled samples fell, and the hardness decreased at 800°C for all the samples that were exposed to these factors (Saravanapandi Solairajan.Aa et al., 2007) (Chandra et al., 2015).


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