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Asian Institute of Research, Journal Publication, Journal Academics, Education Journal, Asian Institute

Engineering and Technology Quarterly Reviews

ISSN 2622-9374

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open access

Published: 14 September 2023

Web Design, RAD, Mamigaya, EUCS

Muhamad Fajri Tirta Nugraha, Adhi Kusnadi, Fenina Adline Twince Tobing

Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Indonesia

journal of social and political sciences
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Pages: 10-18

Keywords: Web Design, RAD, Mamigaya, EUCS


Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a software development method that speeds up software production by reducing complex and time-consuming processes. RAD can be used as a reference for developing superior information systems in speed, accuracy and lower cost. In this study, the application of the RAD method will be carried out to design a business website selling Mamigaya breastfeeding clothes by testing using EUCS and blackbox testing. The first phase of RAD is understanding fast design system analysis & requirements. Requires a high level or knowledgeable end user to define what the system function should be. The second stage is a repetition of the prototype cycles development stage, namely development, demonstration, refine. This includes creating physical designs for databases and mainly focuses on translating designs into programming code. Based on the results obtained from a survey using EUCS, the satisfaction level of respondents reached 88.58% and the results of blackbox testing showed that the features on the website could function. Thus, it can be concluded that the application of RAD can produce a good website.


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