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Published: 29 April 2019

A Giant Epidermoid Splenic Cyst in a Teenage: A Case Report

Fatma Trabelsi, Maha Landolsi, Riadh Ben Melek, Aida Daib, Rabiaa Ben Abdallah, Youssef Hellel, Youssef Gharbi, Nejib Kaabar

Habib Thameur Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia

journal of social and political sciences
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Pages: 183-187

Keywords: Conservative Treatment, Surgery, Splenic Cyst, Teenage


Introduction: Splenic cysts are rare and are either primary or secondary. Epidermoid splenic cysts are an example of primary congenital cysts. Most often, they are asymptomatic discovered incidentally, but they may present with abdominal discomfort predominantly at young female age. Case presentation: We have reported a case of 14 -years- old girl presented with intermittent abdominal pain. The physical examination revealed a palpable mass in the left hypochondriac region. Ultrasonography and computed tomography of the abdomen showed a giant unulocular splenic cyst without a clean wall. Operative treatment was necessary, and at laparotomy, a huge cyst was found. A partial splenectomy was performed. The diagnosis of a splenic epidermoid cyst was confirmed with histological examination. Conclusion: Splenic cysts are not frequent especially in children and adolescents. Imaging is useful for diagnosis. The confirmation of the diagnosis is histological. Different treatment modalities are discussed. However, partial or total splenectomy remains a relatively safe procedure, associated with few complications and avoiding any future problems.


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