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Published: 17 November 2022

Servant Leadership, Innovativeness, and Servant Performance

Ana Mariana, Bram Hadianto, Catherine Suyanto

Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia

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Pages: 117-127

Keywords: Innovativeness, Servant Leadership, Servant Performance


This study aims to examine and analyzes the effect of servant leadership on servant performance and innovativeness. Besides, the impact of servant leadership on innovativeness is also checked and analyzed. Moreover, to attain this goal, this study applies the servants from one of the churches in Bandung: Gereja Kristen Kemah Daud, as a population. Based on the calculation of Issac dan Michael's formula, the samples needed are 164. However, after data collection by survey in November 2021, the responded servants were 90. Therefore, the response rate is 54.88%. This study utilizes a structural equation model based on a partial least square by considering the total samples below 100. After testing the data, this study concludes that servant leadership positively affects servant performance and innovativeness. Also, this positive sign is obtained in the association between servant leadership and innovativeness.


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