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Published: 14 June 2024

The Urgency of Regulating the Air Pollution Crime as a Crime Against Humanity

Randy Ismail Sunny, Muhamad Muhdar, Mahendra Putra Kurnia

Universitas Mulawarman, Indonesia

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Pages: 44-59

Keywords: Air Pollution Crime, Crime Against Humanity, Deconstruct, Global Warming


This article examines two main issues in international environmental law regarding the extensive classification of air pollution crime as a crime against humanity. Firstly, the international law regime's indecision status of air pollution crimes, especially in the form of carbon dioxide pollution, is a crime under international law, specifically under the term crime against humanity. The challenge is to extensively deconstruct the qualification of the related crimes based on their characteristics severity and nature of both crimes qualification. Secondly, there are existing problems to regulate air pollution crime as a crime against humanity including the enforcement and formulation of air pollution crime as a crime against humanity, and political considerations in the formation of international agreements that regulate air pollution crime as a crime against humanity and its enforcement. In this perspective, there’s a contradictory situation where the international community is aware of global warming and carbon emissions but major industrialized countries are not fully committed to reducing carbon emissions.


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