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Asian Institute of Research, Journal Publication, Journal Academics, Education Journal, Asian Institute

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asian institute research, jeb, journal of economics and business, economics journal, accunting journal, business journal, managemet journal
asian institute research, jeb, journal of economics and business, economics journal, accunting journal, business journal, managemet journal
asian institute research, jeb, journal of economics and business, economics journal, accunting journal, business journal, managemet journal
asian institute research, jeb, journal of economics and business, economics journal, accunting journal, business journal, managemet journal
open access

Published: 18 October 2022

“Killing the Golden Goose?”: FDI in Poland 2022

Richard J. Hunter, Jr., Hector R. Lozada

Seton Hall University, University of Tulsa

asian institute research, jeb, journal of economics and business, economics journal, accunting journal, business journal, management journal

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Pages: 93-110

Keywords: Foreign Direct Investment, Polish Tech Bridges, Investment Factors, Investment Sectors


This article is a follow up on recent events that relate to participation in foreign direct investment (FDI) activities in Poland in light of the Law on Freedom of Economic Activity (LFEA), the Act on Control of Certain Investments and the Amendments thereto, which provide for the rules on foreign participation in the Polish market and later restrictions on the purchase of Polish assets by discrete categories of investors. The article builds on research published in 2021 relating to the existence and importance of FDI in the Polish economy that had been negatively affected by a series of challenges and paradoxes in Polish society.


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