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Asian Institute of Research, Journal Publication, Journal Academics, Education Journal, Asian Institute

Journal of Social and Political


ISSN 2615-3718 (Online)

ISSN 2621-5675 (Print)

asia insitute of research, journal of social and political sciences, jsp, aior, journal publication, humanities journal, social journa
asia insitute of research, journal of social and political sciences, jsp, aior, journal publication, humanities journal, social journa
asia insitute of research, journal of social and political sciences, jsp, aior, journal publication, humanities journal, social journa
From Bureaucracy into Political Office: How Regional Secretary Staging Up to Political Post in North Lombok
Arif Budiman, Yuwanto, Nur Hidayat, Laila Kholid Alfirdaus
Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Public-Private Partnership Model of Correctional Institution: A Comparison Study in Various Countries
Sani Siti Aisyah, Adrianus Eliasta Meliala, Iqrak Sulhin
University of Indonesia
Social Class and the Transition to Adulthood: Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) Youth in Indonesia
Indera Ratna Irawati Pattinasarany
Universitas Indonesia
Social Harms of Child Labor in Afghanistan (Case Study of Bamyan City)
Ramazan Ahmadi, Mohammad Reza Akbari
Bamyan University, Afghanistan
Social Perception and Support of a Public Sanitation Service in Bandung: Community Insights and Engagement Strategies
Hurriyah Mujahidah, Utomo S. Putro, Khrisna Ariyanto
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
Immigration Supervision Model for Detainees Living Outside Immigration Detention Centers: Case Study of Detainees for More Than Ten Years in Indonesia
Tony Mirwanto, M. Alvi Syahrin, Koesmoyo Ponco Aji, Anindito Rizki Wiraputra, Devina Yuka Utami, Tantyo Arie Yudhana
Polytechnic of Immigration (Indonesia), Directorate General of Immigration (Indonesia)
Relationship between Educational Environments and the Creativity Learning Index in Children
Fatema Halool
Independent researcher
Can the Potential of Restorative Justice Ever Be Fully Realised Within the Criminal Justice System?
Gustavo Henrique Holanda Dias Kershaw
Centro Universitário Maurício de Nassau, Brazil
What Influences Pension Funds’ Investment Decisions in Tanzania?
Josephat Lotto
The Institute of Finance Management
The Urgency of Indonesian Golden Visa Policy: A Comparative Study
Nisrina Arumdanie, Margaretha Hanita, Donny Yoesgiantoro
University of Indonesia (Indonesia), Indonesian Defence University (Indonesia)
The Jordanian Role of Consumer Protection Association in Defending Consumer Rights in Business: A Comparative Study
Ahmad Ibrahim Alsharu, Enad Ahmed Talafheh
Irbid National University, Jordan
Analyzing the Characteristics of the 1968 Spring General Offensive and Uprising in the South Central Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Pham Van Thinh
Thu Dau Mot University, Vietnam
Economic Hedging by Small-State Firms in Great Power Strategic Competition: The Case of Malaysian Rail Link (MRL) (2013-2020)
Zhao Xinlei
Jinan University, China
Telling Local Stories: Problems and Paths of Promoting Haining's "Chao Culture" in the Context of Culture and Tourism Integration
Minmin Zheng, Jiali Zhu
Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Dongfang College, China
Tracing Bhavna (Feeling/Emotion) and Vichar (Thought) in Indian and Western Poetics
Anupamratanshanker Nagar
Gurukul Mahila Arts & Commerce College, India
The Unique of Architectural Style and Tourist Attractions: The Development of Cultural Tourism in Karangasem
I Dewa Gede Agung Diasana Putra, I Made Adhika , Anak Agung Ngurah Aritama, I Dewa Gede Putra
Udayana University, Indonesia
Political Otherness of the Bihari Community in Bangladesh
Mowsume Bhattacharjee, Junpeng Li
Jagannath University (Bangladesh), Central China Normal University (China)
Politics, its Science, and the Prevention of Wars
Peter Emerson
The de Borda Institute, Northern Ireland
The Clan Life and Traditional Inheritance of Village Surnames: A Miniature of the Zheng Yimen (1099-2023)
Xuan Zhao
Zhejiang Shuren University, China
Influential Factors Affecting Business Lobbying in Brazil: An Empirical Study
Bruno Perman Fernandes, Murillo de Oliveira Dias
Université of Bordeaux (France), Fundação Getulio Vargas (Brazil)
South Korea's Environmental Securitization Process in Facing the Impact of China's Fine Dust
Farrahdiba, Mansur Juned
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional ‘Veteran’ Jakarta, Indonesia
Communication Geography Analysis in Jatiwangi Conflict Resolution
Liza Dwi Ratna Dewi, Jamalullail, Arief Subhan
Universitas Budi Luhur, Universitas Sahid, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Human Rights Approach to Improve Passport Services for Vulnerable Groups in Indonesia
Mochamad Ryanindityo, Budy Mulyawan, Agung Sulistyo Purnomo, M. Alvi Syahrin, Noviana Agitha
Immigration Polytechnic (Indonesia)
Addressing the Impact of Immigration Policy on Children’s Well-Being after Forced Migration
Agung Sulistyo Purnomo, Sri Kuncoro Bawono, M Ryanindityo, Anindito Rizky Wiraputra, M Alvi Syahrin, Budi Mulyawan, Dimas Pramudito
Immigration Polytechnic (Indonesia), Immigration Detention Center, Jakarta (Indonesia)
Fantasy Theme Analysis of Culture Shock in the Pertukaran Mahasiswa Merdeka Student Community
Allaika Yasmin Affendi, Eka Perwitasari Fauzi
Universitas Mercu Buana, Indonesia
Text Mining Algorithm Naive Bayes Classifier to Improve Quality Sentiment Analysis Passport Mobile Application
Wilonotomo, Budy Mulyawan, M. Ryanindityo, Muhammad Alvi Syahrin, Feni Yuli Triana
Immigration Polytechnic (Indonesia), Directorate General of Immigration (Indonesia)
An Approach to the Performance of Passport Services through Workload and Work Environment: Study at the Wonosobo Immigration Office
Budy Mulyawan, M. Ryanindityo, Agung Purnomo, Alvi Syahrin, Wilonotomo, Ifatul Afifah
Immigration Polytechnic (Indonesia), Directorate General of Immigration (Indonesia)
Government Policy in Tackling Illegal Foreign Worker Issues in Indonesia: Complexity, Uncertainty and Divergence
Sri Kuncoro Bawono, Ridwan Arifin, Koesmoyo Ponco Aji, Anindito Rizky Wiraputra, Agung Sulistyo Purnomo, Muhammad Alvi Syahrin
Immigration Polytechnic, Indonesia
From Securing the State Security to Regional Disorder: An Exploration of Instability in North Eastern Kenya
Victoria Phildah Awiti, Fredrick Ouma Wanyama, Michael Omondi Owiso
Maseno University, Kisii University
National Budgeting and Revenue Collection under the Taliban
Waheedullah Hamoon, Ahmad Omid Tawakkoli
Afghanistan Research Initiative, University of Central Asia
A Comparative Analysis of the Translation Styles in Chinese Versions of The Wealth of Nations based on the Adaptation Theory: A Corpus-based Statistical Examination
Jiaxue Zhou, Yingxin Chen, Jiayu Hong, Xiangdong Xu, Shumin Li
Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Dongfang College
Redefining the Mandate of Polytechnic Education for Economic Diversification and Sustainability in Nigeria
Samuel B. Kalagbor
Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic
A Qualitative Analysis of Abortion and SRH Stigma among Chinese Youth: Shedding Light on the Challenges of Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
Sombo William
Zhejiang Normal University
Reality Behind “One People, One Vote”:Redistricting Manipulation and Partisan Politics in the United States
Su Jiangli, Wang Ruijie
Shanxi University
Neoliberal Economy and Inequalization: The Experience of Underprivileged Global Regions during 1985-2008
Khaybar Ali Miah
Berhampore Girls’ College Under University of Kalyani West Bengal, India
Analysis of China’s Interests in Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Policy in Pakistan
Ilham Martadinata, Muhammad Hadianto, Helda Risman
The Republic of Indonesia Defense University, Indonesia
Ethnicity, Inequality and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Influence of Ethnicity in Political Mobilization and Resource Distribution: The Case of 2013 Presidential Elections in Kenya
Fred Jonyo
University of Nairobi
Online Political Discourse in Cambodia: Does Facebook Serve as a Public Sphere or the Spiral of Silence?
Seyha Chan
The University of Melbourne
Issues and Challenges in Investigating Rape Cases in Bangladesh: Insights from Field-Level Police Officers’ Experiences
Md. Akramul Hasan, Md. Aurongajeb Akond, Anira Mohiuddin
Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology University, Police Staff College Bangladesh
Migrant Workers and Policy Implication within the G20 Framework
Dini Putri Saraswati, Shanti Darmastuti, Pramudya Raharjo
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta
Rural Homelessness: The Hidden Crisis
Nelson Simanjuntak, Fernando Silalahi, Manotar Tampubolon
Institute Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri (Indonesia), Universitas Kristen Indonesia (Indonesia)
Evaluation of M-Paspor Application in Indonesia: M-Government Concept Perspective
Intan Nurkumalawati, Nusyura Divana Salsha
Immigration Polytechnic, Indonesia
ISIS Network and Women Terrorism in Indonesia: An Analysis from Actor-Network Theory
Meilisa Jibrani, Machya Astuti Dewi, Yuseptia Angretnowati, Melaty Anggraini, Tasya Iznada Syafira
UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
Human Capital Development for Cybersecurity: Examining BSSN's Contributions in the Indonesia-Australia Cyber Policy Dialogue (2018-2020)
Muhammad Rafi Shiddique, Mansur Juned
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta, Indonesia
The Characteristics of the use of Eslimi and Rotating Motifs in the Tiling of the Mausoleum of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari Located in Herat Gazargah
Ahmad Shoaib Saljoqi, Mohammad Towfiq Rahmani
Herat University
Research on the Influencing Factors and Countermeasures for the Effectiveness of Talent Training in School-enterprise Cooperation in Vocational Education-Taking Haining City as an Example
Weilin Jin, Jiawei Zhuge, Huabin Wu
Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Dongfang College, China
Strengthening Internal Human Resources Management in Vehicle Registration and Identification Services at the Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya
Ibnu Widiyantoro, Basir S, Chairul Muriman Setyabudi
Universitas Indonesia
Dynamics of the Generation Planning Program (Planning Program) in Anticipating Juvenile Delinquency in Riau Province
Ria Noviana, Moris Adidi Yogia, Rendi Prayuda, Annisa Mardatillah, Septian Wahyudi
Universitas Islam Riau and Kaharuddin Nasution, Indonesia
Public Service Innovation in the Best Practice Perspective at the Investment and One-Stop Services Office of Riau Province
Raja Yena Verawati, Moris Adidi Yogia, Rendi Prayuda, Annisa Mardatillah, Rosmayani
Universitas Islam Riau and Kaharuddin Nasution, Indonesia
Entrepreneurial Competence in Agrotourism-Based MSME Actors Affects Business Performance: Literature Review
Ayutyas Sayekti, Rachmat Pambudy, Burhanuddin, Harmini
IPB University, Indonesia
Career Counseling in Cultural Minorities: How Competent, Efficient and Engaged do Practitioners Feel in Greece?
Georgia Georgaki, Ioanna Papavassiliou-Alexiou
University of Macedonia
Exploring the Sociocultural Extensions of Changing Musical Taste: A Sociomusicological Study of Morocco’s Social Dynamics
Montassir Hmala, Houda Nemar
CRMEF of Meknes (Morocco), Moulay Ismail University (Morocco)
Sexual Harassment in Higher Educational Institutions in Bangladesh: Contemporary Trends and Challenges
Md. Hasan Shahriar, Jannatul Ferdous
Comilla University, Bangladesh
Victim-Oriented Humanistic Policing as a New Model in Improving Services for Victims of Sexual Violent Crimes: Comparative Study of Indonesian Police, Japanese, and New Zealand
Aruma Chandra Dewi, Adrianus Eliasta Meliala, Iqrak Sulhin
Universitas Indonesia
Sustainability of the RMG Factory Monitoring Regime Under Accord, Alliance and DIFE in Bangladesh: A Qualitative Case Review of Bangladesh’s RMG Industry
ASM Anam Ullah
University of Wollongong, Australia
Indonesia's Chairmanship of ASEAN 2023: Navigating Complex Security Challenges in Southeast Asia
Ludiro Madu, Yudhy Widya Kusumo
Universitas Pembangaunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The Impact of University Closures on Students' Motivation After the Fall of the Afghan Government by the Taliban
Chaman Ali Hikmat, Ramazan Ahmadi
Dibrugarh University (India), Akdeniz University (Turkey)
Social Media and Early Marriage During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia
Dewi Novianti, Siti Fatonah, Medi Trilaksono Dwi Abadi, Mochammad Fauzul Haq, Virginia Ayu Sagita
UPN Veteran Yogyakarta
The Paradox of Child's Diversion Policy in Conflict with the Law in the Indonesian Child Criminal Justice System
Achmad Haris Sanjaya, Adrianus Eliasta Meliala, Ni Made Martini Puteri
Universitas Indonesia
Fundamental Backgrounds on the Impact of Green Credit on Sustainable Economy
Do Hoai Linh, Nguyen Khuong Dan, Tran Thi Phuong Anh, Do Hai Ngoc, Pham Nam Hoang
National Economics University, Vietnam
ASEAN-China Cybersecurity Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities
Iqbal Ramadhan
Universitas Padjadjaran, Universitas Pertamina
Out-of-School Youth Civic Engagement in the Microcosm of Society
Buddy M. Castillo, Vien Rovic E. Sierra, Joanabeth P. Tamondong, Casandra M. Siganay
Saint Louis University, Philippines
The Theoretical Framework on the Impact of Monetary Policy on Environmental Pollution
Tran Duc Anh
The State Bank of Vietnam
Fostering Creativity: Unveiling Kanazawa's Brand as a Creative City
Prayudi, Kartika Ayu Ardhanariswari, Ninik Probosari
UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Democracy, Decentralization and Political Dynasty: A Case Study of Banten
Lili Romli, Firman Noor, Rohman
National Research and Innovation Agency (Indonesia), State Islamic University Sultan Maulana Hasanudin (Indonesia)
Interdisciplinary Research on the Concept of Self-Help Group: Problematizing Fragmentation of the Theories and Histories
Taizo Yokoyama
Laos-Japan Institute in National University of Laos, Lao PDR
Secret Societies and the Modern World, how has the Past Influenced the Present?
Salam Abdulqadir Abdulrahman
University of Human Development
Design Concept of Candi Tebing at Pura Dalem in Singapadu Village, Gianyar Bali, Indonesia by Approaches of Archaeotourism, Culture, and Ecology
I Nyoman Widya Paramadhyaksa, Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra, I Gusti Agung Bagus Suryada, Made Prarabda Karma
Udayana University, Ngurah Rai University
Implementation of Indonesian and Swiss Cooperation Regarding Returning Assets Proceeds of Corruption Within the Framework of Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters 2019-2022
Dian Islami, Mansur Juned, Syahrul Salam
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta, Indonesia
Surveying Generation Z in Hanoi City About Factors Affecting the Entrepreneurial Readiness
Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Tran Dan Khanh
University of Labour and Social Affairs, Kim Lien High School
China's Opportunity: Tunxi's Initiation of Economic Reconstruction and Practical Cooperation In Afghanistan 2022
Yusuf Raka Rifaldi, Mansur Juned
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta, Indonesia
Relationship among Role Stress, Emotional Labor and Physical and Mental Health for Grassroots Police Officers in Northern Taiwan Government Police Stations
Ying-Shen Juang, Shui-Shun Lin, Shih-Chang Lo
Chung Hua University, National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Analysis of Transition Odds and Inequalities in the Brazilian Labor Market Before and During Covid-19
Fabiano Roberto Santos de Lima
Estácio de Sá University
Classical Batik Craft Industry in Imogiri Yogyakarta: Existence and Development in the Perspective of Cultural Resilience
Iswahyudi, Angga Sukma Permana, Arianingsih
Yogyakarta State University
Papua as the Window of Indonesia’s Spirit for the Melanesian Communities
Ervan Christawan, Anak Agung Banyu Perwita, I Wayan Midhio, Afrizal Hendra, I Gede Sumertha
Republic of Indonesia Defense University
The Jinn: Islam, Exorcism, and Psychology
Kevin Volkan
California State University, California Lutheran University
Utilization of Social and Moral Capital by Female Legislative Candidates for East Java’s Regional Legislative Assembly in the 2019 General Elections
Audra Jovani, Definitif Endrina Kartini Mendrofa, Sidratahta Mukhtar, Ervi S.B. Ketaren, Vainels K.L. Lawolo
Universitas Kristen Indonesia
Enhancement of Polri’s Role in Dealing with Disinformation and Radicalism Extremism Terrorism and Separatism Propaganda in Cyberspace
Ervan Christawan, Septi Ariadi, Prawitra Thalib, Dewa Astika, Bagong Suyanto
Airlangga University, Indonesia
Is Fear of Supernatural Punishment the Foundation of Religion? An Examination of Bering’s Theory of Dead Agents
Chong Ho Yu, Juanita Cole, William Whitney
Azusa Pacific University (USA), California State University (USA)
Korean Wave TV Dramas and Turkish Remakes of K-Dramas: The Politics of Intercultural Communication and Cultural Meanings of Modernization
Engin Sarı
Ankara University, Turkey
National Power Analysis of ASEAN Member States with Entropy-Weight-Based ARAS During 2017-2021
Mehmet Mutlu Akıncı, Sevcan Kılıç Akıncı
Erzurum Technical University (Turkey), Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University (Turkey)
Digital Persuasive Communication by Indonesian Embassy on Japan related with Consular Service on Instagram
Daniel Susilo, Joko Santoso
Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (Indonesia), Waseda University (Japan)
The Strategy of Empowerment Communication to Fish Farmer of Catfish (Pangasius hypopthalmus) in the Village of Indonesia: Case Study in Koto Mesjid Village, Kampar Regency, Riau Province
Zulkarnain, Djuara P. Lubis, Arif Satria, Musa Hubeis
Riau University (Indonesia), Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia)
A Genealogical Study of the History of Philippine Terrorism
Iwan Satriawan, Muhammad Mustofa
University of Indonesia
Social Discourse of Cyber Hate in Indonesia: The Potential Transition from Hate to Crime
Lucky Nurhadiyanto, Adrianus Meliala, Iqrak Sulhin
University of Indonesia
Cultural and Religious Resilience as Community Negotiations in the Era of COVID-19 to Post in Indonesia
Sulkhan Chakim, Umi Solikhah, Rindha Widyaningsih
UIN Saizu Purwokerto (Indonesia), Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (Indonesia)
Corporate Crimes in the Perspective of Self-Control and Criminaloid Approaches (Study of 5 Fraud Cases)
Indonesian National Police Officer
Indonesia-India Maritime Cooperation: Implications on Indonesia's Maritime Security from a Cultural Perspective
Tantahara, I Wayan Midhio
Indonesian Defense University, Indonesia
Implementation of the Total People’s War Strategy to Suppress Papua Separatist Movement
Ervan Christawan, Anak Agung Banyu Perwita, I Wayan Midhio, Afrizal Hendra, Helda Risman
Republic of Indonesia Defense University
Chinese New Zealanders’ Online Political Discussions and Lived Power Experience
Yu Du
University of Auckland, New Zealand
Implementation of the New Public Service in the Licensing Process
Berryan Aulia Umam Jayanegara, Soleh Suryadi, Ali Anwar
Pasundan University, Indonesia
Contextualizing and Infusing Gross National Happiness (GNH) Values Through Teaching Primary Schools Mathematics: Approaches and Relevancy
Purna Bahadur Subba, Bijoy Hangmo Subba, Yadu Prasad Adhikari
Samtse College of Education at the Royal University of Bhutan (Bhutan), Samtse Higher Secondary School (Bhutan)
India's Regional Security and Defense Cooperation: A Study of Sino-Indian Rivalry In Sri Lanka
Tran My Hai Loc
University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology, Vietnam
Transformation of the Indonesian Government Bureaucracy
Kurniadi, Syafei Ibrahim, Badruzzaman, Harris Purnama
Bina Nusantara University (Indonesia), Iskandar Muda University (Indonesia)
Gender Responsivity of Family Planning Cadres in Family Resilience Counseling during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Ajibarang Subdistrict
Dyah Retna Puspita, Slamet Rosyadi, Alizar Isna
IPB University (Indonesia), Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Indonesia)
Determinants of Social Entrepreneurship in Rural West Java: The Role of Agent of Change, Technology and Innovations, and Communication Channel
Wien Kuntari, Sarwititi Sarwoprasodjo, Rita Nurmalina, Ma’mun Sarma
IPB University, Indonesia
The Geopolitics of The Global Energy Transition and its Implications on The Arab Gulf Region: A Review
Elmekdad Shehab
Qatar University
Social Network Application in Building the Personal Brand of Vietnamese Young People
Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Nguyen Ha My
University of Labour and Social Affairs, Chu Van An High School
Gender Inequality in Developing Countries: A Multifactorial Review
Ahmad Khan, Melanie M. Tidman
A T Still Health Sciences University
Facilitator of Technology Business Incubation Activities Requires the Ability to Run the Role and Function of Public Relations
Panjianto, Sri Hastjarjo, Ignatius Agung Satyawan
Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
Afghanistan in the Trap of an Ethnic Security Dilemma: Is There Any Solution on the Horizon?
Sayed Reza Hussaini
University of Hertfordshire, England
Social Media Preference to Reach Young Indonesian Voters
Suryo Khasabu, Pawito Pawito, Andre Novie Rahmanto
Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia
Nigeria’s Compliance with the Yaoundé Code of Conduct in the Cases of Piracy and Armed Piracy of the Nigerian State in the Gulf of Guinea in 2016-2021
Jessika Ami Arifin, Mansur Juned
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta, Indonesia
Dynamics of Changing Rural Demography (A Case Study of Villages in National Capital Region –Delhi)
Manoj Shukla
Aggarwal Post Graduate College Ballabgarh, India
Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court against the Perpetrators of International Crimes
Adnan Madjid, Handar Subhandi Bakhtiar, Arinal Achsana
Universitas Pertahanan (Indonesia), Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta (Indonesia)
Engagement Declining on Indonesian Customs Instagram: A Content Analysis of Visual Factor
Darmadi Joko Sumarah, Pawito, Albert Muhammad Isrun Naini
Sebelas Maret University (Indonesia), National Research and Innovation Agency (Indonesia)
Indonesian Industrial Correctional Models in the Perspective of Criminology Welfare
Andi Wijaya Rivai, Muhammad Mustofa
University of Indonesia
Information Needs on TikTok: Between Followers and Viewers
Diah Anggraini, Prahastiwi Utari, Sudarmo
Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
International Branding of Higher Education Institutions towards World-Class Universities: Literature Study in 2017-2022
Marieti Debyora Gardiana, Andre Noevi Rahmanto, Ign. Agung Satyawan
Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
Mediators in Portugal: Training, Status and Professional Recognition
Ana Maria Costa e Silva, Patrícia Guiomar
University of Minho, Portugal
Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression Among the Undergraduate Students Learning Online During the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Gender-Based Analysis
Ana Mariana, Bram Hadianto, Nur Nur, Karen Karen
Maranatha Christian University
Regional Head Election, Money Politics, and Corruption: An Alternative Solution
Effendi Hasan, Ubaidillah, Muliawati, Helmi, Nofriadi
Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia
Governance Issues and Environmental Impacts of Oil Palm Plantations in Riau (A Green Criminology Overview)
Christian Marito, Arthur Josias Simon, Iqrak Sulhin
Universitas Indonesia
Wali Nanggroe Institution (LWN) Revitalization and Conflict Resolution Problems in Aceh
Muhammad Ridwansyah, Firman Noor, Lili Romli, Faradila Fadlia
Andalas of University (Indonesia), National Research and Innovation Agency (Indonesia), Syiah Kuala University (Indonesia)
A Course Correction in U.S.-China Relations: Understanding American Think Tanks’ Policy Narratives
Su Jiangli
Shanxi University, China
Public Discourse Regarding Polrisesuaiprosedur Hashtag as a Trust Issue
Uliviana Restu Handaningtias, Puspita Asri Praceka, Ika Arinia Andryani
Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Indonesia
Implementation of Creative Economy Digital Transformation at Mandalika Lombok Super Priority Tourism Destination
Prayudi, Kartika Ayu Ardhanariswari, Virginia Ayu Sagita, Ninik Probosari, Sri Luna Murdianingrum, Arie Wijayani, Diah Susilowati
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Universitas Bumigora Mataram (Indonesia)
Targeted English Language Development Professional Development Matters: The Impact of English Language Development-Content Based Teaching and Learning (ELD-CBTL) on Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Teaching Secondary Level English Learners
Cecilia Mendoza, Pei-Ying Wu
California State University Fresno
The Strengthening of Capacity Election Supervisory Body in Regional Head Election of Kuantan Singingi Regency
Fitri Ramadani, Rahyunir Rauf, Rendi Prayuda, Panca Setyo Prihatin, Ahmad Fitra Yuza
Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia
Digital Collaborative Governance of Library in Developing E-Library in the Technical Implementing Unit of Universitas Sebelas Maret’s Library
Sri Anawati, Sri Utari, Argyo Demartoto
Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
Revealing Women Participation in Tourist Village Establishment
Sih Natalia Sukmi, Theresia Pratiwi Elingsetyo Sanubari, Royke R. Siahainenia
Muséum national d'histoire naturelle (France), Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (Indonesia)
The COVID-19 Infodemic: Women and Digital (Health) Literacy
Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel, Ikma Citra Ranteallo
Udayana University, Indonesia
Opposition in Contemporary Indonesia Post-2019 Presidential Election
Firman Noor, Sarah Nuraini Siregar, Ade Wiharso, Amri Yusra
National Research and Innovation Agency (Indonesia), Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia)
Increasing the Human Development Index Through the Rural Community Literacy Improvement Program
Rahma Muti’ah, Mulkan Ritonga, Budianto Bangun
Labuhanbatu University North Sumatera Indonesia
News Trading in Indonesia’s Media: A Business in Shaping Public Opinion
Nuruddin Lazuardi, Adrianus E. Meliala, Iqrak Sulhin
Universitas Indonesia
Enforced Disappearances: A Major Human Rights Issue in Balochistan
Pinal Patel, Dr. Saurabh Sharma
Central University of Gujarat
Leadership Styles and Organizational Performance: An Empirical Assessment of The Trauma and Specialist Hospital in Ghana
Patience Aseweh Abor, Prah George Kwame
University of Ghana Business School, Trauma and Specialist Hospital
Joko Widodo Views on Women's Interests Before and During the Pandemic Based on Social-Media
Machya Astuti Dewi, Iva Rachmawati
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Southern Senegambia in the World System Dynamics: from Medieval to the Atlantic Era
Ensa Touray
University of Gambia
Overlapping Central Government Policy with Regional Governments: Study of Conflict Anchor Port Management in Kepulauan Riau Province 2017-2022
Bismar Arianto, Aditya Perdana, Maswadi Rauf
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
City Branding Bangkok as Creative City of Design
Prayudi, Kartika Ayu Ardhanariswari, Ninik Probosari
UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Land Ownership of Families in Son La: A View from Cadastral Records in the Minh Menh’s Year
Phuong Tran Thi, Hang Thi Thu Trinh
Tay Bac University (Vietnam), University of Economics and Business (Vietnam)
Parasocial Interactions: JKT48 Fans in Forming Relations with Idols and Social Environment
Siti Ntara Muthmainah Mulya, Ahmad Mulyana
Mercu Buana University, Indonesia
Analysis of Digital Influencer Characteristics in Building Digital Engagement Through Instagram Account
Raini Rahmi Fajriani, Ahmad Mulyana
Mercu Buana University, Indonesia
Polish – Jewish Relations: A Historical Perspective and Contemporary View
Richard J. Hunter, Jr.
Seton Hall University, University of Tulsa Collins College of Business and College of Law
Government Effectiveness, Economic Growth, Religion and the Socio-Political Role of the Middle Class in Bangladesh
Md. Rubel Mia, Jill L. Tao, Chad Anderson
Incheon National University, South Korea
Analyzing the What and How of United States Foreign Aid to Israel 2017-2020
Emilio Ramos, Rizky Hikmawan
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional ‘Veteran’ Jakarta, Indonesia
China’s Responses towards The US Pivot to Asia: “The Dialectics of Hedging and Counter-Hedging”
Abdul Razaq Cangara
Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
The Influence of Islamic Art on the Development of Modern European Art
Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia
The Factors Affect the Online Learning Behaviour of Students
Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Hoang Thanh Tung, Tran Pham Chieu Uyen
University of Labour and Social Affairs (Vietnam), Mater Dei High School (Vietnam)
Stigmatization of Former Corruption Convicts in Indonesian Parliament Elections
Manotar Tampubolon, Chontina Siahaan
Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Indonesia
Road Accident in Bangladesh: Issues & Legal Study
Naimul Razzaque
The Legal Solution Law Consultancy Firm (Bangladesh), University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Gold Mining Impacts and Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate, Community and Government Reflection
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Economic Protectionist State Policy: An Analysis of Its Enduring Practices in the Contemporary International Trade Relations
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Reforming and Creating a Business-Friendly Environment: An Empirical Case Study of (Non-Profit Organization) in Nigeria
Ejiro U. Osiobe
Baker University, USA
Bibliometric Analysis: Symbolic Power Publication Trens in
Sulkhan Chakim
Universitas Islam Negeri Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri Purwokerto, Indonesia
Confidence Issues on using Maternity Waiting Home Service: A Case in Wonogiri
Sri Hilmi Pujihartati
Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
The Role of Informal and Formal Mechanisms in Transitional Justice Related to the 1965-1966 Incident in Indonesia: The Case of Palu
Agus Supratikno
Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia
A Study on the Livelihood Status of Elderly People in Slum Area of Bangladesh: Evidence from Chattogram City
Mohammed Aminur Rahaman, Md. Soyeb Uddin Haider
University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Pakistan and Indian Ocean Region: A Study in Contested Orientations
Sanjeev Kumar Bragta
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The Ukraine Crisis: Causes, Conundrum and Consequences
Manqing Cheng
The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Internal Capability of the State Matters in International Relations: Evidence from East African Tri-national Border Zone
Olang Sana, Chweya Ludeki
University of Nairobi (Kenya), Kenya School of Government (Kenya)
What is ‘Self-Help’? Self-Help Group Case-Study in Phnom Penh with Applying Most Significant Change Analyze
Taizo Yokoyama
National University of Laos
The Future of China’s Minorities with the Growing Power and Breadth of Technology
Aakash Rao
Ashoka University, India
The Use of Social Capital and the Victory of Female Representative Candidates in East Nusa Tenggara’s Regional Representative Body during the 2019 Elections
Budi Chrismanto Sirait, Audra Jovani
Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Indonesia
Social Anhedonia among Academics: The Role of Type A Personality, Age & Gender Differences
Reem Khamees Mahdi
University of Baghdad
Development Strategy of the Widhya Asih Orphanages Program Through Voluntourism
Sidhi Bayu Turker, Kadek Widyastuti, Ni Made Erpia Ordani Astuti
Dhyana Pura University, Indonesia
Inter-Religious Mate Selection Negotiating Process Relationship in Indonesia
Putu Chandra Dewi Kardha
University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Crisis Management of Disaster Communication in Mitigation of Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia
Dwinarko, Erita Riski Putri
University of Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya (Indonesia)
Caste and Ethnic Area and Identity Politics in Nepal: An Anthropological Perspective
Apar Kumar Lamsal, Chakra Raj Dahal, Ram Prasad Pokhrel
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
The UN MDGs in Indonesia: Analyzing Its Failure in Eradicating Poverty in Indonesia
Abdul Razaq Cangara
Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
Attributes of Working Children in the Philippines
Cristina Teresa N. Lim
De La Salle University, Philippines
Traditional Administration and its Impact on Democratic Governance in Africa “The Nigerian Experience”
Hassan Said Umar
University of Abuja
Site of Memory, Site of Trauma: The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre and China-Japan Reconciliation
Mariya M. Yarlykova
Zhejiang University, China
Leisure of Internally Displaced Marawi Families
Rhoma Grace V. Pandan, Alberto L. Dimarucut
University of the Philippines Visayas, University of the Philippines Diliman
Exploring Socio-Cultural Identity: Characteristics of the Architectural Design of Kori Agung Bangli
Ida Bagus Gde Wirawibawa, I Dewa Gede Agung Diasana Putra, Anak Agung Ngurah Aritama
Udayana University, Indonesia
Murals as Social Criticism: Movements of Resistance and Urban Liberation Against the Authoritarian of Regimes
Luthfi Habibullah A, Bagus Haryono, Argyo Demartoto
University of Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia
Social Warranty in Group Migrant Informal Sector Vendors
Slamet Santoso, Ishomuddin, Rinikso Kartono, Tri Sulistyaningsih
Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo, Indonesia
Political Instability and Economic Growth in Ethiopia: An Empirical Analysis
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Cairo University
The Architecture of the Car-Shaped Altar: Anomaly in the Ideological Vehicle of the Gods at Paluang Temple, Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia
I Putu Gede Suyoga, I Nyoman Suarka, I Ketut Ardhana, I Wayan Suwena, Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra
Udayana University, Indonesia
Promoting Accountability and Transparency in the Customary Courts in Nigeria: Some New Approaches
Abiodun Odusote
University of Lagos
A Symbolism Study on Architecture and Ornament of Tosan Ward in Pura Mangkunegaran Palace
Ega Azaria Airlangga, Susanto, Warto
Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
"Patriots Governing Hong Kong" and the Innovation of Practice Path to Cultivate the Chinese National Community Consciousness
Yang Liao, Li Meng
South China Agricultral University, China
Participation in Voting Parties Based on Gender and Ages
Agus Aribowo, Anny Nurbasari, Bram Hadianto
Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia
The Development of Postmodern Art: A Historical Overview
Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia
The Tourism Development Strategies of Hinako Islands in West Nias in Increasing the Regional Original Revenue and the Local People's Welfare
Liza Dwi Ratna Dewi, Nawiroh Vera, Arbi Cristional Lokananta, Doddy Wihardi, Nexen Alexandre
Universitas Budi Luhur, Indonesia
Social and Cultural Influences on Traditional Balinese House Pattern in the Highland Areas of Eastern Bali
I Dewa Gede Agung Diasana Putra, Ida Bagus Gde Wirawibawa, Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra, Anak Agung Ngurah Aritama
Udayana University, Indonesia
Adolescent, Radicalism, and Terrorism in Indonesia: Experts’ View
Arijani Lasmawati, Adrianus E. Meliala, Ni Made Martini Puteri
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
Omnibus Law on Job Creation and Resilience Prospects of Indonesian Migrant Workers
Munarni Aswindo, Abdul Rivai Ras, Arthur Josias Simon, Margaretha Hanita
University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Oroonoko: Post-colonialism, Kant and Todorov
Seren Boz Gökçen
Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey
Color in Architecture: Before and After Industry Revolution
Triyatni Martosenjoyo
Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
Licensing Service Efficiency in Bandung City
Kurniadi, Syafei Ibrahim
Bina Nusantara University (Indonesia), Iskandar Muda University (Indonesia)
Contribution of Lifestyle Related Shaming in Drug Relapse Management in Indonesia
Muh Ardila Amry, Adrianus Meliala
University of Indonesia
Internationalizing Local Tourism: Maros Rammang-Rammang Karst Region and the Standardization and Certification of Community Tourism Businesses in Indonesia
Burhanuddin, Munjin Syafik, Bama Andika Putra
Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia
Is the Anti-Incumbency Sentiment Changing in Tamil Nadu? A Case Study of 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections
Anurag Piyamrao Wasnik, Divya Saroja Chayanam
Indian Institute of Management (India), XLRI (India)
Origin and Historical Process of Modern Europe: Part Two
Zhiyong Wang
Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, China
The Nature of Personality Disorders among Females
Reem Kh. Mahdi
University of Baghdad, Iraq
Exploration of Medicinal Plants: Tinuktuk Concoction in Simalungunese, Indonesia
Erond L. Damanik, Ashar Hasairin, Ratih Baiduri, Marlya H. Saragih, Artha V. Rajagukguk
Universitas Negeri Medan, Indonesia
The Consequences of Digitally Driven Changes in Political Campaigning for Democratic Societies: A Case Study of the 2020 US Presidential Election
Evi Aryati Arbay, Julian Aldrin Pasha, Ari Santoso Widodo
London School of Public Relation (Indonesia), Univesity of Indonesia (Indonesia)
Origin and Historical Process of Modern Europe: Part One
Zhiyong Wang
Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, China
Context Culture in CDC's Health Alert: For All Travelers
David Randy, Nawiroh Vera
Budi Luhur University, Indonesia
The State’s Orientation Towards the Integration of Human Resource So That Vietnamese People Can Work Everywhere
Le Xuan Ba
Vietnam Development Research Institute, Vietnam
Why We Lack in Basic Sanitation? An Assessment of Challenges in Ajmer and Solution Strategies
Smita Gupta, Namita Singh Malik
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (India), Galgotias University (India)
Weak Local Parliament's Role: A Case Study of the West Nusa Tenggara Provincial People's Representative Assembly, 2009-2014
Fajar Nursahid, Aditya Perdana, Maswadi Rauf
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
Practical and Strategic Benefits of Banking Literacy Park in Library of Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
Sri Utari, Sri Anawati, Argyo Demartoto
Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia
Proportional Representation System Whether Significance for Bangladesh: An Analysis
Nazma Akter
Begum Rokeya University, Bangladesh
Advocating Women Migrant Worker’s Rights through Social Services Organizations in Malaysia
Mashitah Hamidi
Universiti Malaya, Malaysia
Treasuring Career from Home: The Sustainability of Women Homeworkers and Household Divisions
Ewha Woman’s University, South Korea
The Ripple Effect of Civic Education Empowerment: Unravelling the Pillars of Good Citizenship
Buddy Melchor Castillo, Franz Willard L. Domogen, Jomar Alforque, Gemma D. Ayson, Ace Kevin E. Leaño, Krisha Leigh D. Mauricio, Noe D. Abrajano, Penelope M. Abbugao, Lei Anne Joyce P. Antolin, Bien Alvie D. Bascon
Saint Louis University, Philippines
Indonesia’s African Foreign Policy Shift under President Jokowi
Christophe Dorigné-Thomson
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

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