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Published: 18 December 2023

Methods of Attracting International Treaties in the Judicial System of Afghanistan

Mohammad Ekram Yawar

Akdeniz University

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Pages: 122-140

Keywords: Methods, Treaty Attraction, Judicial System, Internationalist, State-Oriented, Afghanistan


International treaties are one of the major needs of governments in the contemporary world. Therefore, according to the necessity of international life and the preservation of national interests and international values, every government turns to attracting international treaties. The government of Afghanistan has joined many international treaties. As the United Nations "Treaty Collection" shows, this country has 155 signatures, ratifications and accessions. According to this article, the main question of this article is that, considering the internationalist and state-oriented methods in the field of attracting international treaties, which method has the Afghan government chosen? The research method of this article is a descriptive-analytical method based on library data, which after collecting information and using the existing laws, the topic and problem are analyzed. The findings indicate that the practical procedure of the Afghan government towards attracting international treaties is not exactly according to any of the theories. Simultaneously, the process in the Afghan government in attracting international treaties is an internationalist vision, which has acted as a state-centered way in determining the status of treaties and their implementation. However, in many cases no procedure can be determined.


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