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Published: 09 February 2024

The Legal Regulation for the Management of the Coastal Area in Lima Island by the Traditional Law Community Unity in Ohoi Warbal

Victor Juzuf Sedubun, Marthinus Johanes Saptenno, Vica Jillyan Edsti Saija

Universitas Pattimura

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Pages: 74-81

Keywords: Lima Island Coastal Area, Warbal


The MHA Unity in Ohoi Warbal as a community entity that lives together in an alliance as a traditional village (called Ohoi) has the right to manage the other four islands. These islands are Lik Island, Labulin Island, Waha Island, Tarwa Island and Warbal Island. Historically, these four islands belonged to Ohoi Warbal to manage. In the management of Lima Island, there are two islands, namely Lik Island and Tawa Island, which are rented as pearl cultivation sites. However, this management is not undertaken by the customary law community, thus, the research problem is how the management rights of the coastal area of Lima Island are implemented by the customary law community unit in Ohoi Warbal, and how the legal protection for management rights of the coastal area of Lima Island is implemented by the MHA unit in Ohoi Warbal. This study was conducted using empirical legal research methods with interview and observation instruments to obtain primary data. The conclusion is that the implementation of the management rights of the Lima Island coastal area by the MHA in Ohoi Warbal is undertaken by individuals or groups independently and it is used for the welfare of the Ohoi Warbal customary law community. The regulation of legal protection for the management rights of the Lima Island coastal area by the customary law community unity in Ohoi Warbal is hampered by the absence of written law in Ohoi.


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Interview with one of the elders in Warbal, Mr. Manu Renjaan, Warbal, August 13th, 2023.
Interview with Semuel B E Masbaitubun, Village Chief (Ohoi) Warbal, August 11th, 2023

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