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Published: 20 May 2022

The Russia-Ukraine War and the Hidden Agenda of the United States

Awad Slimia, Mohammad Fuad Othman

Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia), Tun Mahathir Institute of Thoughts (Malaysia)

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Pages: 48-54

Keywords: Russia, Ukraine, US Hidden Agenda, NATO, Donbas Region


During the Biden Presidency, NATO exhibited in stark form two trends that have long portrayed its policies: open-door policies towards the East, and subordination to the American administration. Despite signs of American indifference towards the alliance during Trump's term, however, Biden decided to reverse Trump's policy and return to reviving this alliance, indeed, NATO remains important to the Biden administration, as long as the alliance is committed to implementing American interests, in other words, it values in so far as its conformity with the US foreign policy targets. Within NATO's open-door policies, Including the joining of Ukraine to the alliance, the long-festering skirmishes in the Donbas region Eastern of Ukraine had been unresolved for eight years. by January 2022, these were by no means small problems. But they were more readily manageable than the 24 February developments, given the U.S rejects to discuss the Russian security demands. In essence, it seems the U.S seeks to leave a lasting state of confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, regardless of the high costs on the Ukrainian people, as well as pressure on European partners in NATO to cut or reduce any relationship with the Russian federation. However, this paper argues that the US has huge interests in the Russia-Ukraine crisis, therefore, Washington plays a pivotal role through push the continuation of the war in Ukraine on many tracks.


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