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james ellis

James W. Ellis

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

 July 08, 2019

 Journal of Social and Political Sciences, Vol.2 No.3 (2019) 

The Floating World of Ukiyo-e Prints: Images of a Japanese Counterculture

This essay contextualizes ukiyo-e images of courtesans, geishas, and Kabuki actors, and discusses how such countercultural artworks often came into conflict with the ruling Tokugawa shogunate’s dominate social order. 

ning dali.png

Ning Dali

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China

 May 06, 2019

 Education Quarterly Reviews, Vol.2 No.2 (2019) 

The Suitability of EAP Textbooks to the Learning Needs in Chinese Context—From a Pre-Use Perspective

Domestically designed textbooks are, to some extent, inexperienced in the arrangement of content and academic skills, and even in the understanding of the nature of EAP learning.

wiktor adamus.png

Wiktor Adamus

Jagiellonian University, Poland

 November 09, 2019

 Journal of Economics and Business, Vol.2 No.4 (2019) 

Factors of Cluster Initiatives Management

The results of this study support more effective management and better organization of cluster development processes. They are specifically tailored for entrepreneurs, willing to initiate or establishing cluster initiatives, as well as managers, responsible for CIs day-to-day operations and other CI stakeholders.

Indeed, I am impressed with the review process for the journal of Health and Medical Sciences. The reviewers credibility in checking the science in the manuscript was very constructive and the speed of reviewing was quite impressive. I think this jounral will raise it's impact in a near future quite tremendously. May I pose my sincere remarks and appreciation to the fast acting and tireless editorial team of Asian Institute of Research. I remain thankful and excited for this publication






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