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A Qualitative Analysis of Abortion and SRH Stigma among Chinese Youth: Shedding Light on the Challenges of Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

Sombo William

Zhejiang Normal University

This study highlights the challenges of addressing abortion stigma and misinformation among Chinese youth. The research aims to fill the identified gaps by employing a grounded theory approach to qualitatively analyze the literature on sexual reproductive health and education in China. The results are synthesized into the Stigmatization and Sexual Reproductive Health Issues (S&SRHI) framework, offering a comprehensive understanding of the factors contributing to stigma surrounding sexual and reproductive health education and services provision. The study recommends using a Peer-led intervention to disseminate accurate information, foster open dialogues, and reduce stigma, thus enhancing knowledge, attitudes, and access to abortion services, informing policy discussions, and guiding the design of effective sexual education programs. However, the study acknowledges limitations and highlights the need for future research to focus on evaluating the effectiveness of this approach and developing a more comprehensive and cultural context framework for addressing abortion stigma.



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