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An Analysis of the Social Stability and Resolution of the Conflict

Since Macao Sovereignty Returns to China

Yang Liao

College of Public Management, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642 China


Review-based on the basic situation of social stability since the return of Macao’s sovereignty to China, this paper discusses the manifestations, forms, and causes of social conflicts hidden behind the economic and social prosperity and stability of Macao, and analyzes the dissolution of social conflicts in Macao. The author holds that economic prosperity is accompanied by different social contradictions or conflicts and constitutes the normal state of Macao society since the return. From the point of view of the social conflict, Macao's social conflicts mainly include actual conflicts and non-real-life conflicts, primary group conflicts, and sub-group conflicts, and internal and external conflicts. The root causes are the dominance of Macau's gaming industry and the influence of community politics. There are mainly three ways to resolve the problem. Firstly, the government of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government of Macao spoke widely and listened to the public's voice through policy advice and publicity to maximize response to the people's livelihood. Secondly, keep pace with the times and communicate through online and offline messages to explain communications in a timely manner and eliminate negative impacts. Thirdly, the various departments of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government have made full use of the portal website of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government to respond to events with large impact, wide coverage and high degree of concern, timely release official opinions, guide public opinion, clarify facts, and reduce social conflict risks. However, to truly avoid the risk of conflict between the social security in Macao, social stability, and social stability, it is also necessary to build a structural protection system from the inside out and through the bottom-up and top-down Adaptation, through the meso-level of social stability to achieve a two-way integration of macro and micro. The main contribution of this article is based on the combing of local media in Macao, and from the perspective of social conflict theory, the relationship between the social conflict and social stability of Macao's sovereignty has been analyzed since the return of the sovereignty of the Chinese mainland.


Since the return of Macao sovereignty to China on December 20, 1999, its society as a whole has been relatively stable, but there have been some social conflicts or conflicts. However, as the Macao Special Administrative Region (abbreviated as MSAR) focuses on building a "sunshine government," it is necessary to resolve social conflicts or conflicts, strengthen the construction of social safety valves, and promote the good governance and public governance of the MSAR. This article intends to analyze the forms, manifestations, causes and conflict resolution of social conflicts in local social stability since the return of Macao and puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions in order to benefit the deepening study on social stability in MSAR.

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