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Analyzing the Social Impact of Informal Education in Vietnam in the Early 20th Century

Pham Van Thinh

Thu Dau Mot University, Vietnam

In the early 20th century, the Confucian intellectual elites in Vietnam developed the informal education into a movement to fight against the contemporary government. Surpassing the goal of the cultural and social struggle between the intellectuals and the ruling government, the informal education activity became a large movement, evoking a variety of issues that need to be researched in reference to education. The article collects documents and presents the course of this informal education, from the explosive premises making its heyday in Vietnam, such as the new breeze of Journey to the east movement, the unprecedented hallmark of Modernization movement. From the results, the informal education left the wide range of valuable experiences of academical ideas, organizational levels, learning and teaching principles, guidelines for developing national education. Vietnam’s informal education in the early 20th century needs to be researched more deeply from the educational perspective.



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