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Enhancing Writing Skills Through PBL at Higher education Institutions: A case Study

Mariam Kilanava

The State Teaching university of Physical Education and Sport, Georgia

This article explores the imperative of enhancing writing skills among students enrolled in research skill courses at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and investigates the integration of Project-Based Learning (PBL) as a pedagogical strategy to achieve this goal. Drawing upon existing literature, the study synthesizes theoretical frameworks and practical insights to contribute to the discourse on writing instruction in higher education. The research methodology involves a mixed-methods approach, encompassing both qualitative and quantitative analyses, to comprehensively assess the impact of PBL on students' writing proficiency, academic rigor, and presentation skills. The findings highlight significant improvements in writing abilities among international medical faculty students engaged in PBL activities, emphasizing the transformative potential of this innovative pedagogical approach. The study underscores the importance of intensive engagement in PBL activities for fostering writing proficiency and academic development, while also elucidating the multifaceted benefits of PBL in promoting critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication skills. The conclusion discusses the implications of the findings and suggests avenues for future research in the field of writing instruction and pedagogy in higher education.



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