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Future-Proofing Islamic Finance: A Bibliometric Review of the Fintech Era

Shendy Amalia, Suskim Riantani, John Henry Wijaya

Widyatama University, Indonesia

This study, entitled "Future-Proofing Islamic Finance: A Bibliometric Review of the Fintech Era," investigates the dynamic mix of Islamic finance and financial technology (Fintech) using advanced bibliometric analysis. By utilizing the VOS viewer from 2004 to 2023, a comprehensive review of 998 papers was conducted. The main keywords for this analysis are “Islamic finance,” “financial technology,” and “bibliometric analysis.” Methods: The VOS viewer facilitates comprehensive analysis of the data set, focusing on linkage patterns, publication trends, and influential journals in the realm of Islamic finance and Fintech. Key metrics such as publication growth, prolific authors, influential journals, and prolific countries are analyzed to provide an in-depth understanding of research trends. Results: Bibliometric analysis of 998 papers reveals emerging trends in Islamic finance and Fintech, emphasizing the significance of technology-driven growth in the Islamic finance landscape. This study identifies key research themes, collaborative networks, and important contributions that shape this domain. Research Limitations/Implications: This analysis is based on data extracted using the VOS viewer from 2004 to 2023 and may not cover the entirety of research in Islamic finance and Fintech. It provides a comprehensive yet specific look at trends in this intersection. Conclusions and Recommendations: This bibliometric review provides insight into the evolution of Islamic finance in the context of Fintech, highlighting research growth, influential authors, and key journals. It offers valuable insights for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, paving the way for future research linking Islamic finance to technological innovation.



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