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Legal Challenges of Intellectual Property in Southeast Asia: Key Issues and Implications for Cambodia

Morin Tieng, Ry Hour, Hak Yoeng, Piseth Vam, Rany Sam

National University of Battambang, Indonesia

This article examines the legal challenges of Cambodia's intellectual property rights in the context of Southeast Asia. Despite significant progress in adopting legal frameworks in line with international standards, Cambodia's IP system still needs to develop compared to that of other ASEAN countries. This study focuses on Cambodia's commitment to the implementation of the WTO and ASEAN obligations and details the legal provisions for trademarks, copyrights and patents. This section highlights issues such as the complexity of trademark registration procedures, restrictions on the application of IP rights and the absence of comprehensive legislation in emerging IP categories. Furthermore, it examines the effectiveness of dispute settlement mechanisms and the role of national institutions such as the National Commercial Arbitration Center (NCAC). The findings highlight the need for continuous legal reforms to promote a strong intellectual property environment, attract foreign investment and support Cambodia's economic growth.



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