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Research on Countermeasures to Enhance the Innovation Ability of Haining Manufacturing Enterprises in the Digital Era

Lijun Xia, Hanzheng Chen, Jie Liu

Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Dongfang College, China

Haining, as the top ten industrial counties in Zhejiang, a strong manufacturing city, to keep pace with the pace of the digital era, to deepen the digital application of all aspects of the manufacturing production process, to provide a strong momentum for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in Haining. Based on the background of digital economy, this paper analyzes the necessity of improving the innovation ability of China's manufacturing enterprises, as well as the problems faced by Haining's manufacturing enterprises in improving their innovation ability, such as the construction of innovation platforms that need to be perfected, the degree of enterprise innovation investment is not high, and the cultivation of digital innovation talents is facing serious challenges, etc., and from the coordination and optimization of the construction of innovation platforms, accelerating the promotion of the construction of digital infrastructure, deepening the reform of the system and mechanism for the development of talents, building The new pattern of digital transformation of higher education and multiple inputs, focusing on stimulating the vitality of innovation and other five aspects of the digital economy era in the context of Haining's manufacturing enterprises to enhance the innovation capacity of countermeasures, aimed at accelerating the creation of Haining City with Haining's recognizable "142" advanced manufacturing clusters, the construction of "manufacturing strong city digital strong city". The purpose is to provide useful reference for Haining City to accelerate the creation of "142" advanced manufacturing clusters with Haining City's recognizability and to build a "strong manufacturing city and digital city."



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