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Role of Notary Public in Increasing the Ease of Doing Business Index through the Apostille Conventio

Andi Adini Thahira Irianti, Muhammad Ashri, Iin Karita Sakharina

Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia

This research aims to analyze the role of the notary in international business practices and analyze the position of the Apostille Convention in increasing the Ease of Doing Business Index in Indonesia. This is a normative research, utilizing interviews and document studies as the technique of gathering data. The data utilized are primary law sources that are used in this research, which are information attained by the author from direct interviews with authorized officials, as well as secondary law sources that provide explanations in correlation to the primary law sources. The data is analyzed using qualitative analysis, with a descriptive based conclusion made. In the discussions, the author concludes that the role of a notary in the international business practices can be divided into (1) registration of limited liability companies through an online system, and (2) establishment of a foreign investment limited liability company and export-import. The author continues by providing essential explanations on the position of the Apostille Convention in increasing EoDB, by elaborating (1) The Apostille Convention and the obligations and public document legalization procedures, (2) Ease of Doing Business Index, (3) Impact of the Apostille Convention in increasing EoDB, and (4) Application of the Online Single Submission (OSS) system. It is concluded that the Apostille Convention does not guarantee the increase of EoDB, even though the role of a notary is regarded as highly essential in the international business practices, which include the process of issuing authentic deeds, provide counseling on the law processes in establishing companies and legalization of related documents to investments. The role of the Apostille Convention is not significant as the convention only arranges matters related to public documents and not indicators of the EoDB.



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