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The Effect of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management in Innovation in SMEs: Study on the Machinery Production Companies

Nouri Shaeban Hasan Ahmed, Tarık Atan, Figen Yeşilada

Cyprus International University

Researching this topic in SMEs is important because it may help SMEs become active players in accessing regional, national, and international markets through organizational learning, knowledge management, and innovation. In addition, there is a perceived knowledge vacuum due to the dearth of research on the interplay of these three factors in the canonical American literature. This research establishes a theoretical connection between innovation, knowledge management, and organizational learning. This research focused on medium and small-sized businesses in Libya that produce metal goods and machinery. On the other hand, it sheds light on how the connection between organizational learning, knowledge management, and innovation may be applied to businesses of varying sizes and in a variety of industries. This might spark some fresh inquiry, so the thinking goes. They should recognize the significance of their role in regulating free market competition and stimulate innovation in firms by giving priority to the impact of innovation in generating excellent service on the performance of employees. By taking this tack, we can foster a healthy level of competition while also elevating the value of innovation within companies. It is recommended that job-seeking employees give preference to businesses where learning has priority because of the positive effects that collective learning awareness in learning organizations and the idea of being open to learning have on employee performance.



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