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The Influence of Financial Literacy and Financial Attitude on Financial Management Behavior

Muhammad Bayu Aji Sumantri, Tanti Irawati Mukhlis, Neneng Susanti, Oliver Hasan Padmanegara, Pebri Yanida, Vincentia Wahju Widajatun

Widyatama University, Indonesia

This study aims to examine the influence of financial literacy and financial attitude on financial management behavior among first-semester students in Bandung. This qualitative research uses a primary data collection technique through questionnaires. The sample consists of 117 participants selected using purposive sampling. Structural Equation Modeling is employed in the data analysis, which includes testing the outer and inner models. The results indicate that financial literacy does not have a significant influence on financial management behavior. However, the other variable, financial attitude, has a significant impact on financial management behavior.



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