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The Urgency of Indonesian Golden Visa Policy: A Comparative Study

Nisrina Arumdanie, Margaretha Hanita, Donny Yoesgiantoro

University of Indonesia (Indonesia), Indonesian Defence University (Indonesia)

The stabilized economic development can affect the long-term development growth and the implementation of Golden Visa policy is aimed to attract foreign investor to invest that will affect the state and immigration economy. The research method used is qualitative approach to literature review by collecting data from scientific journal, books and legislative product. The result of the research indicates that the implementation of the policies has a positive impact such as elevating the economy growth; meanwhile, the negative impacts are the social conflict and the rise of money laundry. The implementation of Golden Visa policy in several countries to elevate the economy has several differences in condition and provision in terms of the minimal amount of capital to invest, the validity period of the visa and the access gained by individual obtaining Golden Visa. The implementation of Golden Visa in Indonesia as regulated by law is valid for 5-10 years with the variety of minimal investment required depends on the Golden Visa classification. The conclusion of the research is that the implementation of Golden Visa by Indonesian government has several differences with similar policies in other countries.



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