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Can Co-operatives Collaborate with Each Other? Cooperative Business Networks: Consumer Cooperatives' Willingness to Partner with Producer Cooperatives (Case Study in Employee Co-Operatives at Depok Ci

Intan Khadijah, Mustika Sufiati Purwanegara

Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

One of the significant challenges facing cooperative businesses is leveraging networks and connections efficiently. Cooperative Business Networks (CBN) like the Indonesian Jaringan Usaha Koperasi (JUK) aim to integrate buyers and sellers, reduce distribution costs, and strengthen market channels for SMEs. However, JUK has not been fully optimized, with cooperation primarily occurring between secondary forms of cooperatives rather than at a broader network level. This study explores how consumer cooperatives can better serve their members by partnering with producer cooperatives within the cooperative supply chain. It investigates the factors driving these partnerships and the success of cooperative networks. The qualitative methodology used includes case studies and in-depth interviews with key personnel from cooperatives in Depok City, West Java, Indonesia. Findings suggest that successful collaboration in the supply chain requires producer cooperatives to meet specific quality and administrative standards. The research has both theoretical and practical implications, offering insights into improving cooperative relationships and suggesting the need for further quantitative studies to generalize findings across different cultural contexts in Indonesia.



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