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Current Practice of Internal and External Dental Whitening: Epidemiological Study Among Dentists in Morocco (Part II: External Whitening)

Drouri Sofia, Benichou Amine, Boujdila Othmane, Al jalil Zineb, Karami Malika

University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco

Aim: To find out which whitening techniques and products are currently used by dentists in two cities, Marrakech and Khouribga-Morocco. Methods: Study type: Descriptive cross-sectional survey; Study population: 347 dentists practicing in the private sector, including 276 dentists in Marrakech and 71 in Khouribga; Study design: a questionnaire was drawn up to collect the data required for the study; Statistical analysis: data were analyzed using SPSS software at the FMDC Community Health Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Results: 205 responses out of 347 questionnaires distributed. External whitening was most widely used in Khouribga, and internal whitening most widely used in Marrakech; 35.7% of dentists used hydrogen peroxide at 35% as an internal whitening product; 35.9% of dentists used carbamide peroxide at 15% as an at-home bleaching product; 67% of dentists made casts with reservoirs; 66% of dentists used 35% hydrogen peroxide in the dental office; 81.2% of practitioners used the light activation as a means of activation, while 37% used the whitening product for 30 minutes with the light activation. Conclusion: Dentists in Khouribga and Marrakech frequently employ the oldest high concentration whitening procedures. It is imperative that dentists in these two cities receive ongoing training. It must be regular, demanding and of high quality, as the therapeutics of each dyschromia and the specificities of internal and external bleaching protocols call for up-to-date knowledge.



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