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Impulse Buying: How Generation Z's Enjoyment of Shopping Affects Their Fashion Buys

Tety Elida, Wahyu Rahardjo, Ari Raharjo

Gunadarma University, Indonesia

This study examined the determinants that impact Generation Z's impulsive purchasing of fashion products. Implementing Stimulus Organism Responses (SOR), the research model is structured as Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). External stimuli include Price Discounts and Store Environment, with Shopping Enjoyment mediating between Hedonic Shopping Motivation and these two factors. In total, 444 students between the ages of 18 and 22 participated. Form questionnaires were distributed to 30 WhatsApp group classes to collect the data. Hedonic shopping motivation, price discount, and store environment contribute to an enjoyable shopping experience, stimulating impulsive purchasing. The determinant influencing impulsive purchasing is the store atmosphere. Impulse buying behavior is carried out using the stimulus organism response (SOR) theory approach. One of the stimuli used in the research model, the online store atmosphere, is still not widely studied.



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