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Incentivizing Excellence: Evaluating the Impact of Financial and Moral Incentives on Employee Performance in Libyan Governmental Universities

Ghazi M Moftah Elkwafi, Figen Yesilada

Cyprus International University

Since the main objective of any organization is to provide the best services and achieve the goals for which it was established, and due to the significant role of financial and moral incentives in influencing the performance of employees to carry out the work assigned to them to reach the objectives of the institution, this study aims to identify the importance of the financial and moral incentives offered to employees of the Libyan governmental universities, the extent of their impact on employee performance, and whether there are clear differences in the opinions of the respondents about the questions of the study according to their personal and functional variables. In order to achieve these objectives, the descriptive approach, based on the study of the relationship as it is in fact, will be used as a detailed description and expression, as it is based on the random sampling of five Libyan government universities by designing a questionnaire and distributing it to a random sample in the universities equally.



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