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Intellectual Property Commercialization in the Creative Industry: An Integrative Literature Review

Reswari Mawardwita, Reza Ashari Nasution

Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

This study aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property (IP) commercialization in the creative industry, highlighting its essential role in the growth of the sector. 16 relevant articles were analyzed, resulting in the development of a four-phase model of IP commercialization: ideation, development, creation, and commercialization. These phases are combined with the concept of creativity-based innovation specific to the creative industry to form an integrative framework. Each phase emphasizes the interaction between divergent thinking and sequential processes in the commercialization journey while highlighting the central role of creativity at each stage. The findings of this study contribute to the academic discourse and provide practical guidance for practitioners, policymakers, and stakeholders in developing IP commercialization strategies in the creative industry.



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